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Introduction to Kaizenkai

KAIZENKAI = Kaizen + Zen + Zenkai

An introduction of a model that took me 42 years to come up with and will take over the next 42+ years to Kaizen!


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#3. Your Music Inspiration #Kaizenkai

#3 #Kaizenkai Music Experiment #DylanArdan

Dylan Ardan
Why 2nd Song on Shuffle?
2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 1+1 = 2.

My 2nd shuffle song was Jason Mraz live in Seoul playing a medley of Bob Marley’s 3 Birds mixed with I’m Yours with Sungha Jung backing him up on guitar.

” Rise up this mornin’,
Smiled with the risin’ sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin’, “This is my message to you-ou-ou: ”

My Insight: All views at top of mountain the same, so rise up and smile at the rising sun and TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL cause wherever you on the planet you will hear the universal music of Bob Marley there. Also mentor some of the young superstars coming up in this world like Mraz does with Jung in this video.


Deserted Island Books #Kaizenkai

Deserted Island Books #Zenkai #KaizenKai #DylanArdan

I would select “50 Philosophy Classics” by Tom Butler-Bowdon to keep my mind active and also during the long years on this island I would imagine I was a university teacher teaching these subject in many different ways so I would feel my life had some purpose, meaning and contribution.

Funny because that is what I do in real life – I teach philosophy using business training and coaching as the platform.

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I remember I was in Rome in 2004 and a younger girl was taking a photo. She was in shock because it made a physical click inside. She said I think this camera is broken. At that moment I realized her in her short life she had never used a non-digital camera. Imagine REAL film and printing your photos instead of looking at them on a computer screen. This kid couldn’t.

The Times They Are a Changing…

Now we have more photos than ever because our phones of 2017 often take faster and better photos than most cameras could back in 2004. Remember 24 or 36 exposure films? Only 24/36 shots and you had no idea if the photo was a great one!!

So at the beginning of every December I have ritual where I distill all the photos I took during the year.

Step 1: Everyday I cull another 200 or so photos and the best are kept. Also it is great fun and brings back memories from the year. A memory is triggered and I like to add some of those feelings into my review of the whole year in my journal.

Step 2: Then I pass it to my wife who has an artistic/loving eye and she distill from these.

Step 3: She puts them into a digital format where we get 2-4 photos from a similar theme/sequence on one photo.

Step 4: The most important part! Then we go to photo store and they print the photos and we make an album of physical photos.

Step 5: We review it together around new years and then put it on the shelf to review when friends/family come over.

1. Saves alot of harddrive space cutting out all these photos!
2. Takes a daily effort to cull hundreds of photos although the deadline of Dec 31st helps
3. The feeling of having a physical photo in an album is priceless!
4. The times they are a changin’

How do you review your year?

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Kaizenkai 4: The Blue Sky Office

Kyoto Japan
December 2015.

I climbed the stairs of my guest house. I found a small empty patio and open rooftop with blue sky and sun. I started to write in my journal. And write, and write. Ideas poured out. That day I found my thoughts were much more creative and expansive. Why?


The top of my mind merged with blue sky above. Then I realized how can you do blue sky thinking without a blue sky?!! 😉

On that day I decided in the future I would work from an office that had access to an open air 180 view where I could daily feel that expansive mind again and bask in the sky.

Now in Saigon, Vietnam. December 2017

This Kyoto Perception Became My Reality.



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