The REAL Costs of Business Trip Food vs. Homecooked Meals?

“My health coach told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for five unless there are four other people invited”  

A simple joy comes from the health pain I’ve been dealing with on solo business trips…

Lonely Solo Business Trips vs. Joyful Homecooked Meals

Lately on my business and travel trips I noticed I have been eating alone alot. In airport, on plane, In cafes. Sometimes with friends but mostly alone. Looks like lots of others eating alone too.

What do I eat when I eat alone?

I start with the healthy. Then the salad looks wilted. The veggie burger tastes too much like the last one. The healthy breakfast option feels boring.

I notice I become more aware than ever that so many things on menu look good. Gotta have that Boston Creme freshly warmed up or that Apple Pie Heaven.

Wouldn’t notice before but now my fitbit sensor goes off.

When I eat alone I noticed my heart a higher beat and higher pace. Even before food comes. Why is my heart spiked up like that?

Homecooked meals might cost more in $ and time yet how do solo business trips cost us in happiness and health the long run?

Kaizenkai Experiment: Notice how your heart rate, gut feeling and relationships change when you eat out vs. eating in with your loved ones.

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Kaizenkai #56: What is the Bestselling Training…


Hey Dylan, What is the most requested workshop you are being ask to train and coach in 2018?” Lately I keep getting asked this question by other trainers, coaches and consultants.

So I made this short video to share my answer. 

(Warning: please do not watch this video while sitting or you will get vertigo. Get your earplug in your mobilephone, press play, walk around the office and listen to the energy that will inspire your own dynamic sales this week)

PS. Trainers and Coaches if you need my support in getting more #1 & #2 of the best selling training gigs just let me know how I can support you.

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Kaizenkai Experiment: Time Travel

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I did this experiment during grad school. Everyone else around me was on normal schedule sleeping at normal time – and my day changed over 24 days.

Saw the city I lived in (Dublin, Ireland) in new ways with new perspective. Somedays I was having lunch when they were having breakfast, somedays I was having breakast when they were having dinner. It was exciting and exhilarating like I had discovered a new way of changing my environment, energy, thoughts and ideas by only changing my time day by day.

If you have freedom of time, you are time RICH! Trust nothing I say, Test everything!

Leap and the Time Will Appear,

Dynamic Dylan

PS. Let me know if you are able to do this, want to try it out and I will be there to support you!

Introduction to Kaizenkai

KAIZENKAI = Kaizen + Zen + Zenkai

An introduction of a model that took me 42 years to come up with and will take over the next 42+ years to Kaizen!

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